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Not just your “elementary” agency, we’re specialists that have tracked down and secured millions of dollars for nonprofits through donor acquisition and stewardship.

Our strategists, digital scientists, creative entrepreneurs and common sense marketers are ready to help you thrive in today’s complicated, technology driven, fundraising environment.


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We provide media driven campaign strategies and execution specific to your market, focused on generating revenue for your cause. From direct mail to on-air, digital to outdoor, our holistic, integrated approach will help you maximize your messaging and fundraising effectiveness.


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Who We Do It For



Our team typically serves the nation’s leading direct response agencies, however you can hire us too!

We partner with national organizations and market specific causes such as rescue missions, food banks, animal welfare and advocacy, health and human services organizations. We understand the issues, challenges and motivations they face and have decades of cases solved and success stories to share.


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Why We’re Different



There are many great agencies that serve nonprofits. Finding one that is a fit for your organization can take some detective work in itself. Here’s how we’re different:

Agency Independence – We are changing the traditional agency/client relationship. We want to make your team stronger and more independent. Although we provide a beginning-to-end solution, we offer unbundled marketing services

We welcome your internal talents, relationships and resources, giving you greater negotiation opportunities and ownership of your intellectual properties.

Collaboration No one knows your cause the way you do. We’re here to help you accomplish your dreams and lift up those you serve. Whether it’s interpreting data or maneuvering the latest algorithms and digital policies, our team is here to help you achieve the greatest impact.


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“We had the pleasure of working with Donor Detectives on our digital annual report, and it was one of my best experiences I’ve had on a project. From the way they were very professional with handling our project, to how they held meetings and just their all around demeanor. They really wanted to tell our story and were just as passionate! I would recommend Donor Detectives to anyone who is working on a big or small project, that wants the best experience.”

Maher S. Bahhur, Creative Supervisor, Eden Reforestation Projects

“Because our program is in-house, we appreciate Donor Detectives willingness to provide us specific services.  Their strategies and direction improved our campaign results, while allowing us to execute internally.  They’re a great collaborative partner!”

– Jacob Edmiston, Vice President, Development, Miracle Hill Ministries

“It is a pleasure to partner with Donor Detectives in growing our direct donor base. They are one of the most responsive an impressive DM firms that I have encountered in my 30 years of Development career. I highly recommend them.”

– Rev. John Samaan, President & CEO, Boston Rescue Mission

“The Donor Detectives team are highly skilled responsive professionals who understand how to target and uncover the high value donor prospects for our clients. Their strategy is based on years of experience with a sole focus on nonprofit agencies. They understand the nuances of integration throughout the market and are able to seamlessly bring together the channels while providing quantifiable success metrics to demonstrate the ROI. Their know-how from development through implementation is diligent, and they are able to communicate easily with our clients.”

– Lisa Jones Rossi, Vice President, Alpha Dog Marketing

“It’s amazing working with them because they “get” acquisition and they “get” how it fits into the overall strategy for our clients.”

– Tim McDermott, Chief Development Officer, FeedMore

“Donor Detectives principals have many years of experience in media for nonprofits. We’ve utilized their list brokerage, print and insert media buying, as well as integrated digital marketing. They offer extensive research, solid recommendations, accurate execution, and thorough post-campaign analysis.”

– Randy Brewer, President/CEO, Brewer Direct

“Donor Detectives has helped us successfully identify and execute new verticals in our clients’ digital marketing strategy. They understand campaign integration and implementation and are always eager to help and make themselves available for regular meetings to discuss updates and strategies.”

– Brian Hackler, VP/Operations, Brewer Direct

“Donor Detectives is not only a strategic partner for our agency, but for our Animal Welfare partners as well. Their expertise and experience in the integrated marketing arena have helped to advance the mission for people and animals in communities across the United States and beyond. If you are truly looking for a partner to help advance and grow your fundraising programs, look no further than Donor Detectives!”

– David Miller, Vice President, Alpha Dog Marketing

“The Donor Detectives team is made up of the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals I have ever worked with in regard to integrated marketing. The level of attention to detail required in managing various concurrent multi-channel campaigns is of the highest level. They consistently bring the most recent strategies to the table and delivers on the results. They understand the digital space and keep their finger on the pulse of emerging trends and shifts in the industry, and they adjust to ensure their clients remain competitive. We’ve seen great success in partnering with Donor Detectives and hope to continue to share these successes with even more of our clients as our relationship grows.”

– Natania LeClerc, Digital Marketing Specialist, Alpha Dog Marketing