CASE STUDY: FeedMore – Integrated Multi-Channel Grows Revenue

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Central Virginia Food Bank extended their services to provide a Food Bank, Meals on Wheels and a Community Kitchen to those in need. Due to their expansion, they renamed themselves to FeedMore.  Brand Research showed that that “hunger” as a social responsibility ranked highest priority with the donors while the general public ranked “hunger” at a much lower priority. Both donors and the public behaviors in how they choose an organization to support are the same. With the current strategies, the donor database became stagnant and needed to grow to support the extended FeedMore services. Once the brand was ironed out, education was also needed to build public awareness and trust.



To build awareness and trust with the public and the donors, the Donor Detectives team developed an integrated strategy for the Holiday 2014 Season utilizing the the following channels – outdoor (posters, bulletins, transit), TV media traffic sponsorships, online (digital banners, Pandora, Google Adwords) and newspaper (Richmond Times).

Campaign execution details were designed for each of the channels. Data analysis was used to fine tune the strategy to introduce new channels (example: testing radio stations), expand on the channels that showed greatest return (continue filming a new TV spot for out-of-home advertising) and reconsider channel components that don’t meet targeted KPI’s like Pandora, placement sites for Lightbox etc..



By the end of the two month holiday campaign White Mail revenue increased 47% and online response was up 28% and online gifts were up 18%!  Overall revenue increased 38%!

FeedMore is now well positioned to ensure budgets are spent optimally on relevant channels and components. The strategy is set up to ensure that goals on the metrics of donor acquisition – number of donors, quality of donors and $ gift amount – are continually met or surpassed.