The Team

Our Story


In 2005, founders Madlen Satamian and Keghan Artinian, working for Grizzard Communications, began building one of the most strategic acquisition and media placement teams in modern fundraising history.

As technology and the internet evolved, multi-channel campaigns were developed and executed for The Salvation Army of US & Canada and the nation’s largest Missions, Food Banks, Animal Welfare and Health organizations.

In 2013, Donor Detectives was founded and began serving national direct response agencies as outsourced specialists. Their proprietary software streamlined mail acquisition practices and provided the agencies and nonprofits an affordable, cost effective advantage.

Today, the Donor Detective network has grown to consist of internationally recognized, award-winning creative, digital, analytics, development and service professionals ready to grow your donor base and revenue.


Your Lead Detectives


When it comes to tracking down donors and revenue, experience matters. The Donor Detectives team is comprised of industry veterans with decades of expertise in end-to-end fundraising. They’ve literally helped build the bridge from direct mail and media to today’s digital and integrated fundraising strategies.

Madlen Satamian

Chief Detective

Madlen Satamian

Madlen is a trail blazer who has pioneered the strategic creation, development and implementation of award winning, integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns for highly recognized nonprofit organizations in the US and Canada. Clients over the past two decades include The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, Food Banks, Rescue Missions, Animal Welfare Organizations, and Healthcare. As the Chief Detective, Madlen looks under every rock to find winning strategies and solutions for your organization.

Keghan Artinian

Chief Detective of Traditional Marketing

Keghan Artinian

Keghan’s keen eye for detail, her perseverance on behalf of the clients, combined with her ability to strategize, has helped many organizations, over the last two decades. She’s helped The Salvation Army, Rescue Missions, Foodbanks, Animal Welfare, Healthcare, to name a few, acquire new donors who resonate with their mission and passion. This is where the relationship with the donor starts and defines the organization’s future ability to fundraise. As one of the Lead Detectives, Keghan masterfully performs her investigations to deliver the best donors for your organization.

Shelly Hudson

Chief Investigator of Digital Marketing

Shelly Hudson

Shelly’s “detective” work in digital marketing and direct response, spans two decades. In the last ten years, in addition to commercial ecommerce marketing, she has honed her skills in nonprofit fundraising and engagement using email, web, SEO, SEM, social, mobile and other digital media. Her expertise includes multi-channel strategy and creative development, production, implementation and analysis. Some of the accounts Shelly has worked on include: Alzheimer’s Association, American Indian College Fund, Community FoodBank of New Jersey, Greater Chicago Food Depository, Habitat for Humanity, Houston Food Bank, United States Olympic Committee and Yale New Haven Hospital.

Miranda Bono

Lead Detective of Digital

Miranda Bono

Miranda has been solving problems in digital marketing for over seven years. She started her career in campaign management; focused in print ads, display ads, SEO, and SEM. She worked in the auto and tourism industries for years finessing her digital marketing skills before completing her master’s degree in Business Administration in 2019. She experienced her first year in nonprofit digital marketing during 2020, which quickly became a crash course in fundraising and inspiring new donors to give during a difficult time. She specializes in campaign management, creative design and marketing analysis. Her work includes Rescue Missions, Humane Society, and Food Banks.

Stephanie Mann

Investigator of Traditional Marketing

Stephanie Mann

Stephanie’s passion for making a difference and customer-focused mentality, led her into the nonprofit world after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree. Her career began with Girl Scouts over 10 years ago, and since then she has put her skills to work at two humane societies. She implemented fundraising campaigns, coordinated events, and spearheaded donor cultivation and stewardship activities that resulted in increased revenue and donor retention. Stephanie is a member of a humanitarian organization where she serves on the board, manages their website, social media channels and fundraising activities.

Ailyn Montes

Investigator of Digital Marketing

Ailyn Montes

Ailyn was a sales and operations manager for almost a decade when she realized she wanted to fuse her business experience with her creative side. She decided to shift her career to digital marketing and advertising and went back to school and earned a Master of Science in Marketing degree. As part of the program, she had the opportunity to specialize in key digital areas such as email marketing, paid advertising, content creation, and marketing analytics. Today, her goal is to put her background experience and digital marketing knowledge at the disposal of mission-driven organizations to help them achieve their fundraising goals.

Stephanie Cho

Investigator of Digital Marketing

Stephanie Cho

Stephanie has been in digital marketing for seven years, in various for-profit verticals. While her main focuses were SEO, content creation, email marketing, and analytics, she also has experience with Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, and CSS. She has volunteered for several different no-profits, including a no-kill animal shelter since 2016. She took on a supervisory role several days a week at the animal shelter in 2020; she fully understands how crucial it is for marketing campaigns to effectively reach fundraising goals. It only seemed natural to use her skill set to help non-profits, and so, in 2021, she started her career in non-profit digital marketing.

Our Approach

Acquiring a new donor is only the first step in the their journey. The relationship needs nurturing into a lifelong friendship and place of support. We help define the engagement strategies, cultivation, and stewardship messages and channels needed to keep these donors active and committed.

Our experienced detectives will guide you through the following four-part Donor Development Journey:


We understand that every marketing dollar optimized means more services for your organization. Analysis is THE most important step.

We work with our client’s internal data (campaign performance, donor demographics, behavioral data etc.) as well as external data (3rd party prospect lists, market research data etc.) for analysis purposes.


Our Maturity Model Investigation Framework enables an objective assessment of our client’s current state when compared to peers and the Industry.

We deep dive into the following areas:

  • Understand the client’s goals and aspirations, short-term and long-term
  • Understanding the structure of the organization
  • Analysis of the market and environment
  • Campaign effectiveness analysis
  • Reviewing the organization’s past media efforts and current relationships
  • Scanning the existing acquisition processes
  • Understanding the client’s successes and failures

The Team - August 14, 2022

The evolution of each nonprofit’s donor acquisition and management program is unique. Our Investigation provides a roadmap for success.


As part of our process, we work with you one-on-one to identify where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there.

The strategy will maximize the use of your available resources for optimal return. More importantly, we make sure that all the teams and vendors understand your vision and goals and actually follow through with it. It’s the peace of mind you deserve by trusting our experience.


A strategy’s value is diminished if the execution is overlooked. Our decades-long experience in regional and national fundraising programs has provided the expertise necessary to understand the importance of paying attention to every little detail. If these details are missed, it may result in jeopardized or failed campaigns.

Donor Detectives has a stellar reputation in execution of integrated multimedia plans because of our close attention to people and process.

To learn more, contact us today and let’s talk!