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[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”small” position=”center” up=”17″ down=”17″][vc_column_text] We have known each other for many, many years professionally and personally, together being instrumental in acquiring millions of donors for nonprofits. Our experiences and expertise complement each other. Plus, we have been colleagues for over 10 years working in a big agency environment while serving nonprofits from all spectrum. Having worked for many decades with non-profits, a couple of learnings across multiple clients and programs really stood out for us:

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  • There is marketing and then there is marketing that is specialized in acquisition of qualified donors.
  • Strategic Plan execution is just as important as the development and design of the strategy itself.
  • Marketing goals need to be geared to increase response and donations and should be media channel agnostic that is not branding, awareness or PR, although those are convenient benefits in themselves.

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A lot more could be done for nonprofits without the restrictions of the corporate world and the growing needs and limited budgets of so many valuable organizations can’t wait for incremental advancements. We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it!

For that reason, Donor Detectives was founded in 2013 to revitalize nonprofit acquisition programs with innovative and data driven strategies.
Our innovative prospecting services bring quality donors looking to engage in longtime relationships with the nonprofit organization.

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Our goal is to make the acquisition process easier on our clients and beneficial so they can focus on whats important, their philanthropic cause,
therefore making life better for us all.

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Before we begin, it is important for us to spend time with you and learn about the nonprofit organization. We love analysis so much that we invested in a proprietary software that helps us look at the campaign performance from every possible angle. The software helps us look at data on the most granular level, zip code, and at the highest level of the overall campaign performance and every level in between. Lists, packages, mail dates, and zip codes are analyzed for every client, and individual strategies are developed for each one.
Often organizations have utilized our services as their thought leadership. This is where we all come together and come away with breakthrough thinking that seriously makes life better!

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This is our specialty! We have a very precise understanding of nonprofit organizations because we have been working with them for more than 15 years. We have learned as much from our failures as we have learned from our successes. We work with each organization to understand their pain points and find solutions through our network of seasoned professionals and then to deliver a solution specific to their problems. It is certainly not one-size-fits-all, regardless of the size of the organization.

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Direct response mail continues to bring in the highest number of donors and revenue as well as drive revenue online. We all know that any one channel does not work on its own. It is all about brand message, engagement, consistent communication, and convenience for a prospect to donate.

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We help make life easier by clearly defining how Digital Marketing is used to acquire prospect names, convert them into donors, and retain them through engagement strategies. Our proven strategies combine the right amount of Digital Marketing channels to deliver the best results at key times of the year. It is all about balance, consistency, and frequency!


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Through the test of time, Traditional Media remains the most visual unconscious impact on prospects. The key is finding the right mix of Traditional Media using the right integrated creative messaging that impacts the right constituent base that can be converted into donors.

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Creative is one of the most important factors in how an organization is able to communicate the value of its service and how to tap into a donor’s interest point. Bad creative can crash a campaign. Missing information can cause data-entry grief. And a lost message can decrease donor trust, causing a slow decline in retention. Creative testing against analysis-supported controls are vital. It is an ever-changing challenge and needs to be constantly pushed to improve. How can an organization efficiently and affordably customize creative to be individual-donor centric?

  • Creative Audit – Creative with analysis can strengthen the results of future campaigns.
  • Creative Review – Get fresh eyes to catch issues that may be right in front of you.
  • Creative Services – Most of our clients already have a strong creative department. If this is not, we have a network for you.


[vc_accordion_tab title=”Consulting Services and Secondary Areas of Service”][vc_column_text]
– Donor Development Journey
– Website Audit/Development
– Ethnic Marketing Strategies and Implementation
– Video Story Telling
– Guerilla Marketing
– Compliance Programs

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